Welcome to the website of IMAT e.V. – Innovative MATerials for sustainable high-tech electronics, photonics and related industries!

The association IMAT e.V. is a network of companies and research institutions in the context of III-V semiconductors. The members cover all stages of the value and supply chain from the wafer through the chip, up to the module and its applications. 

The members of IMAT e.V. are particularly affected by EU chemicals legislation. IMAT e.V. permanently monitors developments and analyses the effects through its network of experts. IMAT e.V. actively participates in the EU’s legislative processes, for example by taking part in stakeholder consultations.

IMAT e.V. itself is part of a larger network and cooperates with the CRM Alliance, Eurometaux, LightingEurope and others. There is also regular exchange with the VDMA, ZVEI and many other institutions. 

III-V Semiconductors are Core Components for Europe’s Technological Sovereignty!

Our vision is to:

  • Be a centre of excellence for “innovative materials for sustainable high-tech Electronic, Photonics and Related Industries – IMAT”.
  • Communicate and provide information on compound semiconductors in technological applications.
  • Participate in processes and requirements from REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals), CLP (Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures) and related legal areas
  • Present political and economic effects of regulatory measures on the semiconductor sector and their subsequent uses, as well as the enormous importance of innovative materials.
  • Ensure the availability of semiconductor base materials and materials of the integrating device technologies.
  • Provide an important contribution to strengthening Europe’s technological sovereignty

Our mission is to:

  • Provide information on our raw materials (e.g. GaAs, InP, Pb, Ag, Cr(VI) e.g. during public consultations)
  • Develop joint activities at policy, regulatory and research levels
  • Coordinate advocacy activities
  • Bundle the presentation of the competences of IMAT e.V.
  • Use a common communication platform by all members

Our daily life is unthinkable without the use of semiconductors: